Harold Branham Parade Sponsorship Prints


Harold Branham lives in Blythewood, SC, as did most of his ancestors. His interest for art was piqued by his first set of crayons that he received in grade school. After graduation, Harold was employed at one of the South’s major sign companies as a sketch artist. While employed with the sign company Harold also learned to paint signs, but always wanted to be able to paint what he saw, felt, and loved. Sometimes, inspiration is as simple as a clothesline beside an old house. His hometown may now be home to some high­-tech businesses but the artist’s favorite subjects remain old farmhouses, country stores, and pastures.

“Christmas Goin’ South”

branham print 1

17.5″H x 21.625″W

“Time for School”

branham print 2

19.5″H x 15.625″W

“Christmas Passes”

branham print 3

17.5″H x 21.625″W