April 24, 2019: Leadership Blythewood: Your Biggest Leadership Questions Answered!

When: 11:30am – 1:00pm on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Where: Doko Manor, 100 Alvina Hagood Circle, Blythewood, SC

Includes: Lunch from Sweet Pea’s Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe

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Your Biggest Leadership Questions Answered!

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Antony Bell, founder and CEO of Leader Development Inc., is a sought-after speaker on leadership. He is author of the highly acclaimed book, Great Leadership – What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World.


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The Blythewood Chamber recently surveyed attendees at our monthly breakfast meeting to find out what are their biggest challenges are as leaders.  At this lunch-n-learn, Tony Bell will provide guidance on how to handle these challenges.  Here is a sample:

  1. We have a high turnover rate—how can I reduce it?
  2. My team isn’t functioning well as a team.  How can I raise its performance?
  3. How do I motivate people who are disengaged?
  4. How do I deal with conflict?
  5. How can I communicate more effectively?
  6. How do I lead change?
  7. How can we improve our problem-solving approaches?
  8. How can our leaders develop a leader mindset?
  9. How do I do a better job of setting expectations?
  10. How do I provide feedback well?
  11. Why does it seem that sometimes leadership training is a waste of time and money?

Leadership Blythewood is a semi-annual Lunch-n-Learn event designed to bring topics and speakers that will enhance your business life.  This workshop includes a delicious lunch from Sweet Pea’s Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe in Blythewood.  Please note that chamber membership is not required so feel free to circulate to family, friends, and anybody you think would enjoy this event.

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