A Letter from Our Treasurer

To: The Blythewood Country Chronicle

As the treasurer for The Greater Blythewood Chamber of Commerce, I have full confidence in the chamber financial records. For almost a year, I have observed both Mike Switzer and Kitty Kelly devote unlimited energy to attain, not just maintain an organization that truly benefits its members.

They are so motivated in their pursuit of showing their members the value of their membership. This is illustrated by having monthly breakfast meetings with speakers that offer new information that heretofore the membership would never possess. Also, there has been their enthusiastic operation of a bona fide visitors center and the creation of a visitor’s guide that matches any large city’s directory. Mike has initiated such new ideas as a Par 3 Palooza with both lunch and supper along with gifts that in just two years has grown to 95 players. Mike’s background as a stockbroker and a Baskins & Robbins owner provide invaluable business acumen that he utilizes in developing programs to make the membership dues worth their while. That is proven in how membership has almost tripled since his arrival.

My previous employer was a member of an upstate Chamber, and their annual dues were higher, yet we never had monthly meetings or events. I am glad to have the pleasure to work with such an intelligent and motivated person that gives more to the community then he receives.

Dennis P. Drozdak
Blythewood, SC