Join Our Facebook Group!

If you haven’t heard, we’ve started a new Facebook group, Blythewood Business Connectors, that is all about connecting Blythewood leaders, movers and shakers with professional and personal opportunities for a more cohesive Blythewood. ┬áChamber membership is not necessary to join, so feel free to share.

This group is a place where the active, engaged Blythewood business owner and/or professional can share info about job ops; relevant conferences, fundraisers + events; volunteer ops; rad local deals on office furniture, event supplies, or other things your business doesn’t want anymore; advice on business-y things; calls for award applications/nominations; extra free tickets to events; board openings; etc. etc. etc.

If you are passionate about making the Greater Blythewood, S.C. area an even more delightful place to live, work and play, then this is the place for you.


This is a moderated group, and posts may be deleted if they break ze rules:

1. No shameless self promotion or spammy, salesy content
2. No repeat posts or overdoing it
3. No trolling. Who has time for trolls? Not this bunch.
4. Like a good dinner party, let’s at least try to avoid politics and religion.

Rule of thumb: If your post is going to connect locals with excellent ideas, happenings, initiatives or resources, go for it. If your post is going to make people cringe, skip it.

Examples of good and not-so-good post types:

It’s great to post that tickets have gone on sale for your nonprofit benefit party. It’s even fine to post again that you are looking for volunteers for that event. It’s not cool to post 3-4 times to promote ticket sales for that same event.

It’s terrific to post a shout-out for a colleague who is doing solid work, but it’s not OK to post a self-promotional ad for your own services. This is a group for generous souls who love to share.

Who is in the Greater Blythewood area?
We define it as businesses in the 29016 zip code and closely surrounding areas such as all the new businesses coming to Killian Rd. The Blythewood town plan envisions the area as Exit 22 to 32 on I-77. We can work with that!

Sound good? Alright then! Let’s go.