Big Grab Joint Press Release from the Town of Blythewood and Blythewood Chamber/Visitors Center

Town and Chamber Work Together for Successful 2018 Big Grab

(Blythewood, SC: July 26, 2018)  In a spirit of cooperation and fiscal responsibility, the Blythewood Chamber and the Town of Blythewood have reached an agreement to jointly support the Blythewood section of the 50-mile yard sale known as The Big Grab.  The Chamber appreciates the Town’s sensitivity to the needs of local area merchants, businesses and individuals and participating with the Chamber in discussions with some of these merchants and original organizers of The Big Grab to recognize the desire to return the event back to its original vision of a street-side, family-friendly event that highlights small businesses and individuals selling items in a true “garage sale” type environment.  As such, the Town has decided not to solicit or accept vendors of any type in Doko Meadows Park for The Big Grab that is scheduled for September 7-8, 2018.
However, we all desire that The Big Grab be a safe, enjoyable and successful event, highlighting the wonderful community that we have here.  Therefore, the Town of Blythewood will arrange for traffic control, trash receptacles and bathroom facilities in the Town along Main Street and Blythewood Rd. for this event.  The Blythewood Chamber/Visitors Center will continue to promote the event through its various marketing and communications outlets such as, and their related Facebook pages.  The Chamber/Visitors Center will also continue to manage the Blythewood sections of the BigGrabYardSale.comweb page and Big Grab Facebook page.  Anyone who has purchased a Big Grab sponsorship or vendor space for this year’s event will be refunded.  The Chamber/Visitors Center will list all Blythewood multi-vendor locations at the web page.  Vendors who have already purchased space in Doko Meadows Park will be assisted in finding space at one of these other multi-vendor sites.
For information or assistance regarding traffic, trash, and bathroom facilities/portapotties, please contact Steven Hasterok, Director, Conference Center and Events, Town of Blythewood at (803) 754-0501 or  If you have a multi-vendor location in Blythewood that you would like listed at the Big Grab web page, please email your information to or and include the following: name, business name, location, contact info, cost per table or space per vendor.  For any other questions involving vendor spaces or promotion for the Big Grab, contact the Blythewood Chamber/Visitors Center at (803) 403-6769 or or
The Town and the Chamber wish everyone a safe, successful and fun experience with this year’s Big Grab on September 7th and 8th!