Big Checks Presented to Local Charities From Solar Eclipse T-Shirt Sales

(Left to right: Cecil Mosely-Blythewood Lions Club, Jim McLean-Doko Meadows Park Foundation, Mike Switzer-Executive Director-Blythewood Chamber, Buddy Price-Doko Madows Park Foundation, Lauren Davis-Off The Track Bakery-Blythewood Farmers Market)

At our October 10th breakfast meeting, we presented a $1,085.00 check to each of the following local charities representing their share of the profits from the sale of over 900 Total Eclipse of the Park t-shirts during our four-day eclipse celebration at Doko Meadows Park, August 18-21:

  1. Blythewood Lions Club
  2. Doko Meadows Park Foundation
  3. Blythewood Farmers Market

The Doko Meadows Park Foundation and the Blythewood Farmers Market both indicated that their checks would go toward improvements in the park and farmers market, while the Blythewood Lions Club said their check would go to help support Lions Club efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

The Chamber still has 14 Youth Medium shirts left that would make a great Christmas gift for the little ones in your family.  Please stop by the Blythewood Chamber office at 428 McNulty St. to purchase one (or two or three…).  All proceeds from the remaining t-shirt sales will benefit our Scholarship Fund.